Community Transformation, Inc. (“CTI”) was born out of the blessings experienced by local pastors coming together annually for the National Day of Prayer, then sensing a need to do so more regularly. It was co-founded by a number of local pastors of different races and denominations, who also sensed a need for an organization of local pastors and churches that was not sponsored by any particular denomination or any particular type of church group.  Our vision is not to duplicate or replace your denomination or other groups but to be a clearing house and facilitator for those endeavors and initiatives on which all could agree and from which all may benefit.

         CTI was legally incorporated November 15, 2000, to create an umbrella organization for such cooperation. Of course, it centers on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and focuses on points on which all Christians can agree, such as salvation by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living and true God, the Creator of the universe, and the effectiveness of prayer in Jesus’ name by His children, who pray in agreement with His Word and with each other. In particular, it centers on the vision and prayer of Jesus Christ, expressed in John 17:20-21, that his people would “be one” in order that the world would be drawn to the Lord by the church’s unity and love for one another. The “church of the city” is the Biblical model.  The epistles in the Bible were of citywide application. God sees the whole church as His church. When we see it the same way, and rejoice in one another’s blessings as if we are all one family, we experience His pleasure and see even greater answers to our prayers so that "the world will know that the Father sent the Son."

            In communities around the world, where pastors have truly come together in agreement and cried out to God for the outpouring of His Spirit upon their communities and partnered together as He has led, there have been many documented reports of genuine “community transformation,” rivaling any documented revival. (See, e.g. www.glowtorch.org ). We believe the same can be true for Thomasville, Thomas County, the surrounding counties, and all of Southwest Georgia (our Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria) as well as the uttermost parts of the earth. We appeal to all Christian Pastors and Marketplace Leaders: please join one another in vigilance and prayer as the elders and gatekeepers of the local citywide church.  Get to know, trust and pray with one another, until the unity for which Jesus prayed becomes a reality in our area and the lost are drawn to the beautiful Body of Christ by our love for one another and the moving of His Holy Spirit. See the attached list of our initiative and opportunities.

CTI is not interested in “adding” events to your already saturated calendars. Rather, we are interested in helping and encouraging pastors and leaders to “partner” with each other in prayer and in practical ways that reduce, not increase, strain and time commitments by sharing both prayer burdens and resources to avoid the cost in time and money that is often duplicated by many pastors and churches.

It is our belief and prayer that as pastors, ministers, and marketplace Christian leaders offer their time as a contribution to the unity of the church of the City of Thomasville, the Lord will cause each and all to reap a great reward. Jesus said:

“Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again”.
— Luke 6:38

We believe this promise also applies to the selfless giving of time, in accordance with His will. Time can be multiplied by good stewardship and by God “rebuking the devourer” for our sakes as we “seek first His Kingdom” (not our own).